“Shit-hot bizarre…”


Ave 43 is a fine example of how the internet allows total creative freedom.”

The Guardian

“This crazy-amazing web-series manages to concurrently induce ugly-laughter/give me the will to live.”


One of “The 25 web TV shows you need to see”

The Guardian

Five Stars! ✩✩✩✩✩


WINNER: Indie Soap Best of the Week


“It only gets more crazy and addictive with each episode.”

Deep Dish: groovy gay pop culture

“What the hell is this?”

Deep Dish: groovy gay pop culture

“Scandalously funny…”

LA Weekly

“…a borderline deranged sense of humor”


“If you haven’t seen any of AVE 43, you’ve got plenty of catching up to do.”

Big Gay Picture Show

“The most jaw-dropping, taboo-twisted and outrageously funny soap opera satire I’ve seen on the internet.”

LA Weekly

“There’s nothing else like Ave 43.”

Deep Dish: Groovy Gay Pop Culture